New Technical Writer: First Things to Do on the Project

Many writers cannot write a document in a good way. As a result, the documents which have been written are not qualified. If you want to be good at writing, then you should have a good technical writing. There are some things you should know and it is important to know for a technical writing.


The first thing you should do is to overview. A non-writer, like you, has just been assigned to write documentation for a product that is produced or marketed by your company. You may be stressed out about the assignment, but do not fear it.


Once you get assigned to the documentation project, you have to start taking notes and asking questions. The main objective of this early information gathering is to gain access to the sources of information that you will need so that you can have a chance to write your document. Therefore, the notes should be related to where you will acquire your information.


You are not allowed to get immersed in new technology. Why so? Investing the money and time to learn a Content Management System or exquisite document writing software are not worth the effort for most companies and for most documentation projects.

The reason why many writers fail to write well is because they depend on their writing tools. Therefore, you’d better check it out first whether or not your writing tools can help you good at writing. And if you go online, then you may check a technical writing at for more information. However, your awareness is still needed in this case so you can write in a good way. Once you have got the information, you may try it out for the first time.

Five Tips for Writing Introductions for Research Papers

Writing an introduction for a research paper can be difficult if you do not follow a systematic way when you do it. It is easy to arrange an outline as long as you pay attention to a guide.

Before proceeding, you will need to read the following information on how to write down the introduction when you are preparing your research proposal. However, there are researchers who like writing the introduction after they have finished the research activity.

For you who intend to come up with your research papers, you may use five tips below as your guide.

1. Focus on the topic that you have

A focus topic is required to write a research. Give your statement about the specific issue that you would like to focus on your research.

2. Prepare an outline

An outline should be the framework of your introduction. You can begin writing words or phrases of ideas randomly, and then arrange them logically.

3. Point out the gaps in knowledge

What have you written so far about your research paper’s concern? Did somebody make an effort to study a similar concern before? If yes, explain why your study is different, unique and important.

4. Write the goal/s of your research paper

This is a crucial part of your introduction. You have to write what you really want to achieve in your research paper.

5. Explain how you will solve the problem

This part of your introduction will tell the reader how you intend to resolve the problem or meet the objectives. At the end of the study what are the expected outcomes?

You should try to write as concisely as possible without leaving out important details. One, two or three page for introduction will be enough to explain the contents of your research paper. However, if you feel incapable of writing a good introduction for your research paper, you may use research paper services to accomplish your research paper writing.

Benefits of Video Editor Software

There may be some events that you need to be documented. You can take some pictures of those events. But, it will be better if you take some videos because videos can make you remember more things that pictures. But, sometimes, the quality of videos is not as good as pictures. But, you should worry about that because you can use video editor software to it better. There are many benefits you will have if you use this kind of software.

To be able to get the maximal benefits of the software, you better use movavi video enhancement software. The first benefit of this software that everyone must want to have is that the price is almost lower than other video editor software. Movavi often offers discount, so it can save your money. Second, sometimes in the video that you have made, there are some parts of the video that can make it bad. You may want to throw those parts, but you do not know what to do. Now, you do not need to worry anymore because by using the video editor software, you can crop those parts. The third benefit you can enjoy is adding special effects to the video. Just like editing photos, you can make it blur, add the contrast, and others effects. This will help you get the video that is beautiful as you want. Then, if you take the video at night, sometimes, the quality of lights is not so good. You may have some objects cannot be seen because it is too dark. But, by using video editor software, you can make it brighter by applying the brightness filter. The last advantage you will get is that you can also create slideshows using the video editor software. Those are the benefits of using video editor software. Just download the software to enjoy those benefits.

What Is Coaxial Cable Connector?

It is a fact that if you are given chance to pick 10 people randomly and asking them about what is coaxial cable connector, 7 of them have no idea what it is. When the first time I bought my home theater, some of the staffs in the store where I got mine kept saying that I should go for coaxial problem for a better quality. At that time, I felt sorry for myself because I did really have no idea what it is and how it works. That’s the truth.

Now you start wondering what coaxial cable connector is. And why do you need it for your setting up home theater and also your internet?

Well, coaxial are basically cables designed to carry high-frequency or broadband signals. That is why I include internet to the list the things that should go for it. Coaxial are usually used both in the television and computer networks. It can carry faster signals in the term of transferring and receiving the information compare to the regular telephone wire.
Then, how does it work?

It might be a bit different from a regular wire but it is almost the same for its system. First, you need a thing that is called “spacer”. Spacer is basically a cylindrical-shaped sheath that covers the wires and is, in turn, covered by another protective layering: the insulting jacket. You simply put it in your networks, whether it is on TV or computer.

The coaxial cable connectors can be easily purchased on the store that is based on technology selling. It is widely spread nowadays, already. In addition, you can search on internet for online purchasing and read many reviews as you can to get the best coaxial in the market. Though the price is quite expensive, but you get what you pay.

4 Tips for Creating Passwords that Pass Muster

Now that we put more and more of our personal information online, it’s important that we protect that sensitive data with passwords that confound hackers. These days, “iloveyou12345” just isn’t going to do the trick. Passwords have to get downright ugly in order to be effective, but that presents the problem of remembering said password when you need to get into your PayPal account. Here are four tips for creating (recalling) passwords that are virtually uncrack able.

  1. Avoid the most common password root words. God, money and love are all of varying significance to each of us, but as passwords they should be avoided at all costs. They are the most common root words which form the basis of passwords created by unsuspecting and naïve Internet users, and they will get taken down immediately by any hacker or password cracking program worth its salt. Oh, and then there’s the Mack-daddy of all terrible password ideas: “password.” Do not!
  2. Make each password long and unique. Long means about eight characters or more. Actually, the longer, the better, so if you can go 10+, you are greatly increasing your online security. Then there’s uniqueness. Every time you have to create a new password, it better be different from all the others.
  3. Get a password manager. Password manager programs like are smoothing out potential headaches for Internet users. A program like this stores your passwords securely for every log-in situation you may have.
  4. Apply password rules to security questions. Lots of sites come with an extra layer of security where it asks you a question that only you would know the answer to. However, you can put anything you want in the answer line when you’re setting up this feature, so instead of saying “Martin” when it asks for your mother’s maiden name, put the ever-confounding “M4r7in4_eva” or some such crazy assortment.

Keeping your personal information safe is serious business in this day and age. Strong passwords might not be convenient, but being the victim of ID theft is even less so.